Trude Johansen
"Sketch of a conversation"
woodcut, video, publication

Sketch of a conversation explores conversation when it shapes into visual expression, action or object. The project poses questions about what are destructive and constructive actions, how actions are understood or misunderstood and how a story grows or breaks down depending on context.

The work is based on the idea of ​​two people on each side of a table. With the help of various tools, they take turns making traces surface of the table. Like words, they disappear after they are pronounced, but are stored as memories. Together, the tracks make a picture, an illustration that is constantly changing. They have their qualities, some are careful, some hesitant others again are brutal. The image continues to evolve until the table is destroyed and collapses.

Trude Johansen`s personal website.

The event took place at 19 October 2017 at KMD Library, Bergen-Norway. 9.jpg copy.jpg 7.jpg