The Private Library

In March 2020 many libraries in Europe close. People stay at home. The Private Library is an invitation to engage in our private libraries. To participate please send a portrait of your private library to info(at) with the subject line The Private Library.

Incoming contributions will be shared on the website

Both the definition of what your private library is and how you want to portrait it is up to you.

The Private Library can contain books, but doesn’t have to. The portrait can be a drawing,

a photograph, a text, a list, a song, an inventory, ... copy.jpgømNumiThorvasson.jpg Shot 2020-04-01 at 22_54_02_v2.jpg GRIEG-_v2.jpg Van Geest_1_v2.jpg Van Geest_2_v2.jpg W KOCK 2020.jpgøbstad_v2.jpg TrondSøbstad_v2.jpg TinaSinclair_v2.jpg TurbidaLux_v2.jpg HildBorchgrevink_v2.jpg AndrésMorales_v2.jpg TatianaLozano_image_v3.jpg WilmaCalisir_v2.jpg PedroGomezEgana_v2.jpgøValvik.jpgöbitzer.jpg