Mathijs Van Geest

Page 4:
Black and white photograph with caption:
“Equus Africanus Asinus, domesticated member of the horse family, Equidae.”

Page 72:
He (Umberto Eco red.) said, “I like the notion of stubborn incuriosity. To cultivate a stubborn incuriosity, you have to limit yourself to certain areas of knowledge. You cannot be totally greedy. You have to oblige yourself not to learn everything. Or else you will learn nothing.”

Page 88:
A full-page abstract illustration in two colours.

Page 135:
“Hands are unbearably beautiful.
They hold things. They let things go.”
– Mary Ruefle

Page 319:
Who would do such a thing?

Page 472:
A Donkey Ear is an event by Mathijs van Geest IN THE LIBRARY. It could have happened spontaneously after using the library many times, but on this occasion it is organised, to notify the visitors when and where it takes place.

Mathijs Van Geest
Library of the Bergen Academy of Fine Art and Design, 16.02.2017