Amber Ablett

When I am at home, they ask me: where do you come from? Amber Ablett will share the first four months of an on-going project, Anthems. For this work, Ablett has been learning the national anthems of the countries that strangers have asked her if she comes from, in attempt to feel a kinship with her assigned countrymen. The work questions the out-dated relationship between nationality and ethnicity, countries and cultures, outward appearances and inner connections. Amber Ablett works with conversation, research, performance and text, with a step away from the spectacle, rather concentrating on the long term ponderings that art can introduce. From her personal position, Ablett seeks to engage with wider contemporary social questions of place, nationality, identity and language. The audience is asked to bring their iphones, ipad, ipods or other personal devices with internet access to the library on the 27th April 2017, kl19, with the sound on, where further instruction will be given.

Amber Ablett`s personal website.

The event took place at 27 April 2017 at KMD Library, Bergen-Norway.