Rasmus Hungnes
"Chaos Emerald Forest"

the ancient Chaos Emeralds these seven
mystical relics have existed for an
unspecified amount of time possibly
several millennia
or since the beginning of time itself
well before the creation of the Master
Emerald housing unlimited power
these multi colored gems form the
threshold for numerous mysteries within
the Sonic storyline but what if there's
more than just chaos energy residing
inside these stones
I am the Sega Scourge the Sonic
theorist tackling 25 years of classic
and modern Sonic alike
let's find out

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"Rasmus Hungnes is an entity incarnated in space-time, and operates as an artist, all around nice guy and editor-in-chief for Kunstforum. He was educated at world-class institutions such as The Icelandic Elf School (Elves and little people study), and has exhibited counter-intuitive behaviour extensively in Tirana and internationally intentionally."
About the talk:

"Norse philologist and hermit Eirik Storesund will give a lecture entitled "Clubbing the Hermetic Seal with Odin and the Hanged Man: Legitimate bogus and trippy connections in Western occultism and North Sea Voodoo"."