Edda Strobl
Theatre protocos

Edda Strobl presents her book „Chronicle of events passing by“. The publication deals with plays by the Austrian performance collective “zweite liga für kunst und kultur”. The setting for the performances was a street as well as a store, where the audience was sitting, and a second layer of the play was happening. Aspects of “passing by” were the essence of the play.

„Chronicle of events passing by“ is part of the trilogy „That what remains (theatre protocols in drawing)". In the summer of 2013 Edda journaled all of the performances with drawings and text. The resulting theatre protocols are now collected in a book of 40 pages, a D.I.Y. production, printed at Risograd (Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz, production: Helmut Kaplan, Michael Jordan, Edda Strobl and the spirit of Tonto)

In her presentation Edda will talk and show details about the project and its interdisciplinary approach, the artist collective Tonto and her music and performance duo Stoblak - all examples for moving in and between disciplines like music, comic strips, drawing and performance.

Edda Strobl`s personal website.

Edda Strobl
Theatre Protocos
Fredrikstad public Library, Norway, 23.02.2018