Ana Marija Batista
Library vs. café: places of knowledge production

Both libraries and coffee houses can be characterized as places of knowledge acquisition and knowledge production. However, they are also places of gathering, since they provide opportunities for people to socialize. They offer a chance for solitude and companionship at the same time.

What kind of publicity do we experience at these places? What type and form of knowledge production takes place there, and how does it reflect the demands of today's working environment and production concepts?

Based on various examples (library Werner Oechslin, artworks of Clegg & Guttman, Starbucks, Viennese Cafés, Dokk1 etc.) Ana discusses these questions in a lecture.

About Anamarija Batista (born in Zenica, (ex-YU)) is an economist and art historian. She has taught at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Vienna University of Technology. She is the curator of a series of exhibitions including "Bosch & Hofbauer" (The Paintings Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2018), „The Munchhausen effect - Micro-utopias on Time in the Time of having no Time“ (Gallery 5020, 2017), „Crisis as Ideology?“ (Kunstraum Niederösterreich, 2016), „The Common Which No Longer Exists“ (Künstlerhaus Wien, 2012), „Retouch the Past_Shaping the Presence“ (Bosnian National Theater, 2013). Her publication „Rethinking Density. Art, Culture and Urban Practices“ was realeased by Sternberg Press as part of the publication series of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2017. Since May 2018 she is working on the project “Collective Utopia of Post-War Modernism: The Adriatic Coast as a Leisure and Defence Paradise” together with Antonia Dika supported by FWF (Austrian Science Fund).

Ana Marija Batista
Library Vs. Café: Places of Knowledge Production
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