Moa Franzen
For ”In the library” Moa Franzén brings two works, the performance It is very quiet and the text work ordbok/lexicon.

”It is very quiet” puts silence - the unsaid - as a discursive and performative act in the center of attention. It proposes that the audience confront their own silence as a form of speech, and directs attention to how this acts within the situation of the performance in relation to power, resistance, agreement and vulnerability.
”ordbok/lexicon” uses the form of the lexicon to discuss and perform the relationship between language and authority by putting it at play through ruptures, repetitions, displacement and poetry.

Moa Franzén (b. 1985) is an artist and writer based in Stockholm. Her practice encircles writing and performance and places itself in and between visual arts, choreography and literature. Franzéns work evolves around the relation between language and violence, rethorics and ideology, body and power – most often with writing as the base, voice as the tool and performance as form.
Her personal wesite.

The event took place at 26 October 2017 at KMD Library, Bergen-Norway.