Sara Collier
"Making history - work in progress"

There is a universal claim in writing the world history. Myths, beliefs and ideas are closely intertwined with the physical world. New things change our way of looking at history and what we emphasize in it. Abstractions determine how we interpret and understand the world around us, they play a major part in our lives whether it is transactions of capital or a map of the world. To learn everything about X but nothing of Y gives us a biased view of history where X’s world is perceived as universal and the world of Y becomes alternative.

The idea that humans take rational decisions has been discarded. In the light of that, what do abstractions and symbols mean in our everyday, abstract lives? Will we keep on using the same projection of the world along with teaching the criticism of it? Or do we actually want to change the things we know this projection is lacking in the first place?

To understand an abstract mapping, translate it onto the physical world and navigate accordingly is something I am working with and in this exhibition I will show the beginning of that work.

The event took place at 29 September 2017 at former KHiB Library, Bergen-Norway.